Booze News: Mainly Swing-Top Caps

Booze News

AB InBev may be selling Peroni and Grolsch. Peroni I’m more or less indifferent to, but Grolsch has those cool bottles with the sweet swing-top caps. I should talk to my accountant. “You mean that nice lady at the McDonald’s drive-through?” Yes, that’s the one. Great financial mind. Gets the change right almost every time. (BBC)

Booze and exercise go together like… well, I don’t know what, since I try to avoid the latter. But the New York Times says they do, so it must be true. Two new studies suggest that exercise can  influence how much people drink. “The camaraderie created on the practice field or among workout partners can nudge exercisers to reconvene convivially at the local bar, and those gatherings may motivate reluctant exercisers to stick with their routines, because they feel rewarded afterward.” That’s a great piece of writing right there. (New York Times)

Dogfish Head claims to have made the world’s hoppiest beer, with a bitter level at 658 IBUs (International Bittering Units). It’s called Hoo Lawd and frankly, it scares me. I like hops, but when you go crazy on ’em, it can be like drinking cat piss. And not the fancy cat piss they serve at Michelin-starred restaurants. I’m talking the cheap stuff. (Vice)