Booze News: Pop-Tart Beer, Among Other Things

Booze News

San Francisco brewery 21st Amendment has created a Pop-Tart-inspired beer called “Toaster Pastry,” a 7.6% India Red Ale. I guess drinking at breakfast is socially acceptable now? Back in my day, kids, we had to hide our morning booze in our coffee. Hard times. (Fortune)

Scrappy brewing upstart Anheuser-Busch is attempting to block a California craft brewery’s attempt register the phrase “The Queen of Beer” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. A-B argues that She Beverage’s slogan is too close to its classic “King of Beers” catchphrase. Let’s face it, people really are that dumb, aren’t they? (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

If you’re heading to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver next month, you can enjoy cannabis-infused beers from Dad & Dude’s Breweria. Lacking THC, the beers won’t get you high… which begs the question, what’s the point? (Denver Business Journal)