Booze News: Pot Coffee and Godzilla Lawsuits

Booze News

A new brewery proposed for the southeast side of Madison will primarily provide contact brewing services. Proposed by Isaac Showaki (formerly of Chicago’s 5 Rabbit Cerveceria), the joint will be called “Octopi.” The reason? “Because we’re a contract brewery, the octopus has eight tentacles and can do eight things at the same time. It’s an invertebrate so it can change forms quickly. It’s under water so it’s in constant motion, and it’s a grounded animal and we’re very grounded in our approach.” Doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, but I haven’t had coffee yet today. (

Speaking off coffee… pot-infused coffee. The dream of business-minded stoners for years, and now on the cusp of reality thanks to the efforts of Mirth Provisions. Assuming inspection by Washington’s Department of Agriculture goes well, the cold-brewed coffee will be sold at the state’s licensed marijuana retail stores that will open next month. (

NOLA Brewing has settled with Toho Studios, owners of Godzilla, after being sued back in September 2013 for naming a beer “Mechahopzilla.” Perhaps they could call it “Gamer-Ale.” I don’t think the Daiei Film Company would mind. (Newsday)