Booze News: So Now There’s Sconnie Beer

Hoo, boy. Here we go. It’s Sconnie Beer.

The company that made “Sconnie” T-shirts a common sight on the UW-Madison campus is getting into a business even more ubiquitous: Beer.

Kegs of Sconnie Beer began rolling into campus-area bars this week, said Troy Vosseller, who founded Sconnie Nation apparel company as a UW freshman in 2004. A launch party for the beer, a American lager on par with Miller High Life or Pabst Blue Ribbon, is set for Saturday night at Whiskey Jack’s, 552 State St.

“On par” with PBR, eh? Delightful. Just what the world needs —  more cheap yellow lager. (Yes, I know I drink Blatz. Shut up.)

(Pic from Sconnie Beer)