Booze News: Starbucks Concocting Beer-Flavored Coffee

Booze News

From the OverServed Chicago Desk:

What kind of problem do you have when you need your coffee to taste like beer? Reverse alcoholism?

A decent chunk of my job includes trolling LinkedIn and, boy oh boy, were the people abuzz over Mashable’s article about Starbucks’ experimental beer-flavored latte. Apparently, it will be a “dark barrel latte” which “tastes like a dark, stout beer—think Guinness—and has no alcohol content.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at all the comments people were posting on LinkedIn. I get that not everyone possess the same amount of beer knowledge as someone like, say, wanna-be cicerone Doug, but let’s take a moment to think of the all coffee-flavored beers. Starbucks isn’t that off-base with this new concoction.


I’m looking at this beer latte the way I look at vegetarian hot dogs… What’s the point? But given that I’m a coffee AND beer addict, I’ll give it a shot. I bet it would be kind of decent over ice—almost like a beer float.

If this tests well in Florida and Ohio, maybe this could be my go-to hangover cure when I’m heading into work after a Sunday Funday. Like a placebo effect meets hair of the dog.

Thanks to Kate, who would never actually indulge in Sunday Funday. Heavens no.