Booze News: Superdawg Launches Super Bier


From the Chicago Desk:

I’m known among my friends for having an affinity for encased meats. Hot dog addict is an adjective casually thrown in to any conversation regarding my descriptors. We’re talking about someone who had to leave the room and call everyone in her phonebook when she found out she got off the wait list for the Vienna Beef tour (probably one of the greatest days of my life). 

So, imagine my delight, my bliss, my EUPHORIA when finding out when of the GREATEST Chicago hot dog establishments, Superdawg, would be teaming up with Lake Effect Brewing Company to make Super Bier….. It’s a miracle I managed to stay in my seat.

Per the Chicago Sun Times, Super Bier is a “Kolsch-style beer, crisp and slightly sweet with a little bit of smoke and a hint of spice on the back end.” (The spice is courtesy of a secret ingredient… fingers crossed for garlic?) The beer will be released on June 26 and sold at Superdawg, Lake Effect, and nearby liquor stores.

Clint Bautz, head brewer and founder of Lake Effect, informs us this beer isn’t just for dogs.
“It will work for other things, it can go with meat, it can go with pickles, it can go by itself,” Bautz said.

But not ketchup,” Ustick said. “It won’t work with ketchup.”