Booze News: Top 50 Breweries for 2013

Booze News

The Brewers Association recently released its lists of the top 50 US craft breweries and top 50 overall brewing companies based on sales volume. The top five craft brewers are Boston Beer Co., Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Gambrinus, and Lagunitas. The top five overall brewers are Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, Pabst, Yuengling, and (again) Boston Beer Co.

That’s kind of an interesting position for the maker of Sam Adams, isn’t it? Boston Beer Co. sells almost 3 million barrels of beer a year, skewing the “craft” sales numbers a rather significant amount. At any rate, craft breweries hit all-time high sales due to beer drinkers demanding “high-quality, fuller-flavored and local beers from small and independent craft breweries.” Splendid. See the full lists here.