Booze News: Yes, Pabst is Back. Sorta.

Booze News

We noted back in January that Pabst might be returning to its Milwaukee home in a somewhat diminished manner… and yes, it appears to be so. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

Pabst Brewing Co. will again brew beer in Milwaukee at the site of its historic former brewery, which the company shut down nearly 20 years ago.

The company will open a microbrewery, including a tasting room, at the former Pabst Brewing complex on downtown’s west side. Most of the former brewery buildings have been redeveloped into a hotel, apartments, offices and other new uses, with more projects in the works.

Three fun facts of note:

1) The wee brewery will be used to test old recipes for pre-Prohibition beers.

2) The site of the brewery was built as a German Methodist church in 1871 and was sold to Pabst in 1898.

3) PBR is big in China, apparently. “This is how Chinese people know Milwaukee,” is my favorite quote of the day.