Booze News: Yes, That’s a Beer-Swilling Donkey

Booze News

Air travelers, you can now upgrade from ginger ale. Delta Airlines is serving craft brews (including Sam Adams, Brooklyn Brewery, and Lagunitas, among others) on its flights. Domestic flights will return to the refined, pleasant, not-at-all-soul-crushing experience they once were, no doubt. (Gizmodo)

Rogue, which tends to make bonkers stuff anyway, has announced Sriracha Hot Stout Beer made with—you guessed it—Sriracha. This may be slightly less weird than it seems at first glance, as I once brewed a chili stout that was pretty good. Of course, I followed it up with a second try that was awful. So this could go either way, I guess. (

Donkeys are big fans of beer, apparently. This brief survey identifies Thomas, Perico, Pancho, Pancho II, and Pancho III as just a few of the equine drunks who have found fame over the years. You know what this means? When I’m assigned the task of assembling my mother’s ancient manger set, I’m going to be sure to place a tiny beer next to the donkey. The Wise Men may find it offensive, but I think the baby Jesus will be cool with it. (Modern Farmer)