Brew Review – A Most Excellent Surprise!

What’s better than finding $640,000,000 on your Mega Millions lottery ticket? Well – I don’t know… But, sharing an after shift drink with good company, and getting to sample a brew that might usually elude one’s radar, is kinda priceless!

Here’s this quick and simple story:

Post work, I was enjoying some recently (and limited edition) tapped Central Waters, Peruvian Morning at one of my favorite neighborhood bars. This establishment, I should mention, is well known for supplying foodies, and boozies with a most satisfying menu. Oh, and yes I am being selfish by not naming said locale … I have more Peruvian Morning to drink, and this is a damn fine secret to keep 🙂

So, while thoroughly enjoying my company and drink, I noticed a tap handle behind the bar that grabbed my attention …


A cherry Cyser made with Michigan tart cherry juice, apple cider, and star thistle honey.

The bartender (a most excellent chap) heard us talking about it, and graced us with a sample. I am happy to say B. Nektar has produced an amazing and well balanced drink that I hope to enjoy all spring and summer long. The cherry tart is perfect, and rests in the finish of this brew like a soft blanket. It has the color of a fine champagne, and smells just as good. The honey sneaks up on you in the the way a cool breeze blows by at just the right moment. Yeah, it’s that beautiful. If you get a chance to imbibe, be sure to kick your feet up, get sun burned, and prepare for a sensational buzz.