Brew Review – Professional Level – Don’t try this at home!

This next beer is not for the faint of heart, it packs a 10% ABV punch that is delivered the way a beautiful woman might kiss her enemy with poison on her lips – with sweet intensity.

What is this madness you speak of?: Potosi Imperial IPA

Love at first sight?: I felt like the sexiest girl in the room was flirting with me, and she smelled fantastic. Then she whispered in my ear, something dirty, kissed my neck, and slipped her hotel key in my pocket.

Later That Night: The kiss she planted on me before she left still made my lips buzz, and her scent led me right to the hotel suite I thankfully had the key to, I slipped my key in the slot, and sure enough she was there, and I went in for more.

Oh, she rocked my world, and she is no amateur. Gentleman, and Ladies, if you dance with this one, be prepared for a seduction that may leave you weak in the knees. I have dubbed this IPA, Femme Fatale – for the way it sneaks up on you and takes you out. She is especially clever by wrapping your tongue in citrus and melon notes before her hop-sensual sting gets you, and it’s only, by the time you undress her fully, that you realize she is a red hot siren determined to make you her slave. And you know what? She does, and … you like it!