Buy This: Batman Drinking Gear


Tim Burton’s 1989 version of Batman, starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton, came out 25 years ago this week. Can you believe that nonsense? Makes me feel old as dirt, it does. I’m not going to indulge in a nostalgic retrospective (if you want that, go here, here, or here), nor will I be a contrarian and slam said retrospectives (go here for that). No, instead I shall simply offer a selection of Batman-related drinking gear. In fact, here’s 13, which is how old I was when I saw the movie. (Do the math. Yes, I feel ancient.) Here we go…


A Bat-symbol magnet bottle opener. The 1989 symbol was designed by Anton Furst, who also designed the Batmobile and the look of Gotham City. He won an Oscar for the flick. (SuperHeroStuff)


A classy 2-oz shotglass featuring the same logo. (Spencer’s)


A Batman 1966 logo bottle opener. Adam West was reportedly peeved that he didn’t get cast in the 1989 flick. (Atomic Empire)


A caped pint glass. How many times have you needed a cape to accompany your beer? Don’t lie to me. You know you’ve thought about it. (Gadgets and Gizmos)


There’s a shot glass too, of course. (Giftapolis)


What’s that? You prefer a more classic comic book version? Voilà. From the look of the utility belt design, I’d say this is based on Frank Miller’s art from The Dark Knight Returns.  (SuperHeroStuff)


What the hell, may as well add a stein to the mix. (Rakuten)


A Batarang bottle opener. (Urban Collector)



Yes, a flask. You need a flask, don’t you? (Amazon)


…Or what about a collapsible flask, huh? (Superhero Den)


And then you’ve got a flask with the classic Batman logo from 1940. (Amazon)


More shot glasses! Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and the Joker. (RetroPlanet)


You know what? The Joker was the most interesting character in the movie. He gets his own shot glass. (Entertainment Earth)