Buy This: Better Tasting Through Science-y Beer Glasses


Via the Washington Post… Austrian glass maker Riedel has launched a line of specialty glasses under its Spiegelau brand, and these glasses are designed specifically to enhance the beer drinking experience. The most recent is their stout glass, designed in partnership with Rogue and Left Hand Brewing. Behold:

Key quote: “A beer-specific glass will help to accentuate certain components and really deliver that as we intend, as opposed to just being a, you know, a bucket to throw beer in your mouth.” Which is not to say that buckets don’t have their place. I think a bucket would be the perfect delivery method for, say, Blatz. In addition to the stout glasses, Spiegelau also offers glasses designed for IPAs, wheat beers, pilsners, and lagers. I may have to replace the small army of pint glasses I’ve collected at brewery tours over the years. Those damn things clearly ain’t getting the job done.