Buy This: Breweries of the United States Map


From the desk of the OverServed Style, Beauty, Entertainment, and Interior Design Editor…

Are you into maps?

Are you into beer?

Are you into a map of beer?

Does your residence still look like a dorm room?

Does your residence lack any personal effects and you need something to hang on your wall so people don’t think you’re a serial killer?

Do you want it to impress future guests?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then look no further than Pop Chart Lab’s ULTIMATE, up-to-date brewery map of the USA. At 38 bones, you can hang it next to the Ork poster you bought of the city where you would live if you could afford it.

If you want to be an adult about it, buy it framed. It will look really nice next to your futon/bed and Ikea coffee table. #grownup

But who are you kidding? You know you’re going to buy some flag tacks and mark all the different breweries you visited.