Buy This: PicoBrew Pod-Based Home Brewing


Is your consumption not quite conspicuous enough? Behold the PicoBrew Pico, which utilizes prepackaged pods to makes beer much like a Keurig makes individual cups of coffee. The foot-wide appliance brews 5-liter batches of beer (that’s about 10 1/2 pints to metric-ignorant folk such as myself). Via Bloomberg:

The coolest thing about the Pico, though, is how you actually brew the beer. Instead of loading up loose ingredients according to a recipe, you use prepackaged pods of grains, hops, and yeast. Just fill the chamber with water when you start, load in the different pods at each step, dump in the yeast pack, and you’re good to go. It’s only a little more complicated than popping a Green Mountain K-Cup into your Keurig, and instead of a single cup of steaming coffee, you get a big batch of IPA to share. From the start, there are more than 50 breweries making PicoPak pods for the machine, including Rogue Ales and Elysian Brewing, and packs start from $19 per 5-liter batch.

It should be noted that this ain’t on-demand beer—fermentation still takes about a week. You can’t rush yeast, people. Don’t even try. They’re tempermental li’l bastards. At any rate, you can snag one of these for $499 on Kickstarter. Or you could just buy 60 or so six-packs of decent beer. I’ve run the numbers, so I don’t see myself going nuts for this. I was an art major, though. Feel free to check my math.

Photo: PicoBrew