Collaborative Booze Review: High West Bourye

“Have you ever just bought a drink for a random person, for no particular reason besides kindness?” asked B. Shaw the other evening as we were perched upon our respective bar stools.

“You mean, if I wasn’t trying to bang them?” was my response, if I remember correctly.


“I’m sure that I have, but I think the instances have been few and far between where my motives have be genuine and pure.”

“I think I’m gonna do it,” stated B. Shaw definitively, as though she had just decided to bungee jump off of a really tall bridge. And then indicating to the gentleman to our left, she said, “I’m going to buy that guy a drink.”

“Go for it. It’ll be like a nice, boozy warm fuzzy. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.”

So she bought the guy a drink. The guy was very appreciative. The guy bought us a round in return. So it goes in a friendly bar atmosphere.

“Well, that was nice of him,” I said, turning on my bar stool. “I’d thank him, but he seems to have left.”

“You each can have a beer, or share a nice pour of whiskey,” offered the bartender.

“I’m sleepy,” said B. Shaw.

“Me too,” said I. “Let’s share a dram and call it a night.”

“Sounds good.”

After a bit of deliberation, the two of us decided to share a couple of ounces of High West‘s Bourye, which is a tasty combination of roughly 75% bourbon and 25% rye whiskies. This whiskey hybrid has been among my recent obsessions since it was brought to my attention a couple of months ago.

“We should do a collaborative booze review!” I announced.

“What the hell does that mean?” said B. Shaw.

“It means I’m going to publish your opinions on my blog!”

“I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that.”

“That’s reasonable.”

This whiskey is definitely a standout, we both decided. It is uniquely smooth, without losing any of the sweet bite that a good bourbon will deliver. You are definitely not going to want to drink this juice mixed with…well, anything, lest you wish to provoke the whiskey gods into doing something irrational and smiting you harshly. It’s great on its own or with a splash of water at the most. Even too many ice cubes will get in the way of all the whiskey has to offer, which would be a crime seeing as there are brilliant notes of caramel, molasses, various spices, and jackalope present in the portfolio of flavor.

In all seriousness, feed this stuff to someone who isn’t yet quite keen on whiskey–it’ll alter their perspective drastically. Connoisseurs will rejoice in Bourye’s complexity, while newbies will be thrilled that they’ll be able to drink a sip or two without feeling like they’re gonna need to barf. It’s hella smooth. For real.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one, kids. There’s been a limited distribution in the Madison-area. Me and B. Shaw had our dram at the Malt House, and my sources tell me Natt Spil‘s got some as well.