Drinking in the Funny Pages: An Embarrassment of Riches

Damn, today is just full of soaks doing their thing in the comics. Let’s review, shall we?



“The kids still say ‘roll’ as a way to express a personal philosophical stance, don’t they? So this will make sense in conjunction with Hagar’s lack of motor skills due to alcoholism, right?”



Andy Capp has to pee. I think that’s what this means.



Come on, there are worse things they could’ve come up with for “drunk signaling.” A smoke cloud shaped like a dick pic, for example.



“Dustin” just happens to be set at a bar today, and is doing its usual “no one ever talks like this and here comes a groan-inducing pseudo-punchline” thing. This is a terrible comic strip that angers me every time I see it and I feel nothing but loathing for its creators. That’s all I’m saying. Thanks for listening.