Drinking in the Funny Pages: Hangover Friday

Our comic chums are finishing the workweek by hitting the sauce pretty hard. Let’s prepare for hilarity! Or a reasonable simulacrum of such.


“… and then they’ll be hucking their bowling balls directly into the crowd, undoubtedly resulting in property damage and serious injuries! Let’s hear it for alcohol-based recreational sabotage!”



“Prevent hangovers by recalling that they hurt, so… don’t have them.” Is that the joke? Huh. You know, in this situation, the suffering character would really be asking ‘What’s the best way to cure hangovers?” Not that I’m looking to poke holes in this well-crafted narrative of cavemen chatting over rocks. Of course not.



Hagar the Horrible suddenly channels Don Draper-esque levels of misogyny. I sort of wish the creators of this strip would follow Helga’s moment of realization and rage to its logical conclusion, triggering an ongoing plotline examining gender roles and cultural upheaval. Hmm. Give me just a second here…


There we go. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this years ago.