Drinking in the Funny Pages: The Terrible Banality of Existence


Let’s spend a moment with our┬ádipsomaniac friend Bung here. After Andy Capp and Hagar the Horrible, he’s probably the most reliable source of drunken shenanigans in the comics today. The Wizard of Id Wikipedia entry describes him thusly:

The court jester, a chronic alcoholic who spends little time entertaining and most of his time in saloons or the royal wine cellar. He wears traditional jester’s garb with bells on the bonnet, but he is rarely seen to perform. Frequently drunk, he once declared, “I’ve learned the secret to avoiding hangovers: Don’t sober up!” (A “bung” is a cork in a barrel or bottle of an alcoholic beverage.) In cartoon tradition, his intoxicated state is portrayed by a prominent red nose surrounded by tiny, fizzing bubbles.

I’ve tried that “don’t sober up” approach, and it only works for so long. Anyway, I’m not sure what the joke in today’s comic is. Maybe there is no joke. Maybe it’s just another entry cataloging a series of meaningless and unrelated events. How very much like life itself. Well played, Wizard of Id, well played.