Dubious Hangover Cures From A Bygone Era

 Sarah Marshall at The Awl ponders a slew of hangover remedies listed in a 1961 study published by Frank M. Paulsen in The Journal of American Folklore. I have to say, it’s pretty awesome.

Though sadly never published in book form and available only through print archives or scholarly databases, Paulsen’s study is an incomparable source of information for the most inveterate drunk, and a delightful piece of light reading for the sober (especially those who don’t wish to remain in such a state). Paulsen, then employed at Wayne State University, undertook the study after becoming fascinated by the diversity of anecdotal hangover cures[.]

Some of the classics? Buttered celery, raw onion sandwiches, stewed prunes and gin, and bloodletting. Oh, and this:

If you’ve been drinking rum the night before, the only thing that’ll help is a piece of tail. 

Good to know. Check out the whole list here.

(Vid: classic W.C. Fields on YouTube. Tip o’ the hat to The Dish.)