For Your Edification: Drinks Every Bartender Should Know

Don't cry; dry your eye.

Don’t be sad! Anyone can be a bartender!

For any newbie bartenders out there, here is a list from Q Mix-a-Lot of 30 drinks every bartender should know. I’ve never heard of an Adios Mother Fucker, but I have to say that every other item on the list I can agree needs to be in the arsenal. For whatever that’s worth.

1. Apple MartiniĀ 2. AMF (Adios Mother Fucker) 3. B-52 4. Black/White Russian 5. Bloody Mary 6. Buttery Nipple 7. Cosmopolitan 8. Gimlet 9. Greyhound 10. Daiquiri 11. Jager Bomb 12. Kamikaze 13. Irish Car Bomb 14. Irish Coffee 15. Lemon Drop 16. Long Island Ice Tea 17. Manhattan 18. Margarita 19. Martini 20. Mojito 21. Old Fashion 22. Rusty Nail 23. Salty Dog 24. Screwdriver 25. Sex on the Beach 26. Sidecar 27. Spanish Coffee 28. Surfer on Acid 29. Tequila Sunrise 30. Redheaded Slut

If you get these drinks into your noggins, you’ll be up to Tom Cruise Cocktail levels of bartending in fucking no time. For the recipes, click here.

Aspire to The Tom's greatness.

Aspire to The Tom’s greatness.