Fake Craft Beer Gets Superbowl Ad, Eh Who Cares


Shock Top, the mediocre faux witbier that people begrudgingly order only when they can’t find Blue Moon at the airport bar, is apparently getting a Super Bowl* ad. Somehow this is news. Okay, sure.

Craft beer is going to have a Super Bowl commercial, and the folks behind Budweiser are going to make it happen… During this year’s Super Bowl on Feb. 7, when the price of a 30-second ad will come in around $5 million after costing just $2.5 million a decade ago, Anheuser-Busch InBev plans on tucking an ad for its Shock Top line of wheat beers among its ads for Budweiser, Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. While the Brewers Association and beer geeks may not consider Shock Top “craft,” it’s certainly the biggest step ABI has taken in that direction on Super Bowl Sunday.

And what is this ad? It’s comedian TJ Miller conversing with a disturbing citrus homunculus tap handle in the style of Miller’s banter with Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool trailers. Less funny than that, though. See:

Now watch the Deadpool trailer again:

Now watch the Suicide Squad trailer, just because.

*The Super Bowl is a football match of some kind, and apparently people will watch it in order to see Peyton Manning shatter into his component parts like Voltron disassembling.