Five Fun Facts About Lone Star


The finale of True Detective has come and gone, revealing [SPOILER ALERT] that the whole thing was Bob Newhart’s dream. And while the show has successfully promoted yellow kings, Alexandra Daddario, and existential dread, we can all agree that it’s also done wonders to heighten the brand profile of Lone Star beer. So as we wave goodbye to Rust Cohle and Marty Hart, let us gaze in wonder at these five fun facts about Lone Star…

* The Lone Star Brewery was built in 1884 by Adolphus Busch (he of Anheuser-Busch fame), but didn’t actually produce a beer called “Lone Star” until 1940.

* The celebrated puzzles on Lone Star bottle caps can be decoded via the website or mobile apps. Oh, brave new world.

* There are two Lone Stars – the 4.65% ABV Lone Star and the 3.85% ABV Lone Star Light. Both claim to be the “National Beer of Texas” in a rather annoying fashion.

* Lone Star has been purchased several times, first by Olympia Brewing in 1976, then Heileman in 1983, Stroh’s in 1996, and Pabst in 1999. So it’s not really a Texas beer anymore, when you think about it.

* King of the Hill’s “Alamo Beer” is very likely a tribute to Lone Star.


Bonus feature: Esquire explains how to make your very own beer can men, just like Rust Cohle does.

Super extra bonus feature: The Newhart finale…