Further Incentive to Avoid Frat Parties: Butt Chugging

Are you having a shitty day? Feeling badly about yourself? Kinda depressed today? Well, at least you’re not this guy:

In an act of profoundly astonishing frat douche stupidity, University of Tennessee student (and apparent wine enthusiast), Alexander Broughton, was hospitalized earlier this week after “butt chugging” enough booze to put him at an astounding–not to mention life-threatening–BAC of 0.40 (that’s FIVE TIMES the 0.08 legal limit to operate a motor vehicle in Wisconsin).

The hospital determined Broughton, of Memphis, was suffering from alcohol poisoning with a blood-alcohol level at a life-threatening .40. He was reportedly treated and released over the weekend.

The Knoxville Police Department said the frat had allegedly conducted “alcohol enemas,” which involves pouring drinks through a rubber tube inserted into the rectum.

“The abundance of capillaries and blood vessels [in the rectum] greatly heightens the level and speed of the alcohol entering the blood stream as it bypasses the filtering by the liver,” Police spokesman Darrell DeBusk said in a statement Monday.

That’s taking things to the next level, fellas. Bravo. Which begs the question: is butt chugging the new vodka tampon-ing? Sorry, ladies, but I think you’ve been one-upped big time.

Pi Kappa Alpha rules!