I’m In Love…Again.

I fall in love all the time. It’s almost a daily occurrence at this point. Whether it’s Curly-Haired Barista With Awesome Taste In Music from Mother Fool’s on Willy St. or the cute girl who walked into the bar yesterday wearing a rad No Kicking Penguins shirt (I bought one today, as a matter of fact. You should too–all the proceeds are given to the Autism Society of America!), I am a helpless dork with slim chances at maintaining any sort of healthy monogamous relationship, due to my flakey nature and fickle heart. So it goes.

Women are cool. So is whiskey.

Earlier this week I was introduced to High West Distillery, and their line of killer rye whiskeys. Now, I have been on quite a rye kick lately, (as has the rest of the country) so when High West’s sales rep Kieran walked through my doors with a bag of bottles in tow, I knew I was in trouble.

Pavlovian salivating, sweaty palms, and a palpitating heart ensued.

For anyone out there who does not know, a rye whiskey is, simply put, whiskey that has been distilled from rye or rye and malt. Where bourbon is sweet and scotch is smokey, rye whiskeys tend to have more of a spicy aspect to them.

I was hella (<–remember when that word got used??) impressed with the entire line that I sampled. The Double Rye was bold, the Son of Bourye was complex, and the 21-year-old rye was…just kinda out of this world.

The Son of Bourye (‘Bourye’ being a questionably-clever amalgamation of the words ‘bourbon’ and ‘rye’) especially intrigued me because it is similar in style to another whiskey that I’ve been obsessing over lately like a teenage girl: Redemption’s High Rye Bourbon. Both are bourbon/rye mashups, both will get you drunk, both expertly combine all of the most awesome aspects of my favorite types of whiskey, and both are affordably priced. Putting them toe-to-toe, however, I think High West’s Son of Bourye is my new favorite. Redemption uses a 60/40 bourbon-to-rye ratio, while High West is 75/25, which brings a good, feisty aspect to the whiskey with a nice little flavorful burn in the finish.

It is difficult to describe whiskey without sounding like a total douche.

Sorry, Redemption High Rye, it was good while it lasted, but I’m interested in someone new. I’ve still got your number, maybe we can go out and grab a cup of coffee sometime real soon. We’re good, right?


As I have just been introduced to these products, I have no idea where the hell one can obtain them, but as soon as I do know, you can bet your ass I’ll post about it. Keep your eyes peeled–I suspect the Bourye and the Double Rye will retail at around 40 dollars ‘merican, while the 21-year will be priced reasonably at $120-or-so. Don’t hold me to those numbers, though, dammit.