Increase Your Word Power: Ten “Irish” Euphemisms, mostly derogatory


We’re days away from St. Patrick’s Day and the parades, drink specials, and general drunkenness that always ensues. Naturally, you’ll want to have a number of handy “Irish” euphemisms at the ready. What better way to remark upon excessive booze consumption┬áthan by denigrating an entire race? So here we go…

1. Irish Blanket: Sleeping in the warming glow of booze.

2. Irish Breakfast: A pint of Guinness consumed in the morning.

3. Irish Cologne: The delightful scent of booze that seeps from the pores after a night of drinking.

4. Irish Comics: The obituaries.

5. Irish Curse: Having smaller-than-average genitalia.

6. Irish Flu: One hell of a hangover.

7. Irish Getaway: Ditching work early to go to a bar. “Gone drinkin'” if you will.

8. Irish Goodbye: The act of exiting a social engagement without any farewells. (I am really good at this one.)

9. Irish Handcuffs: Carrying a drink in each hand.

10. Irish It Up: Add whisky to a beverage. Usually coffee, but hell, you can Irish Up anything. Try it in Yoo-hoo.

(Gathered from the intertubes, Urban Dictionary, and my own pickled Irish brain. Yes, I’m Irish. Except when #5 comes up in conversation. Then I’m more likely to reference my German and Belgian heritage.)