Instant At Home Beer Review: Bell’s Hell Hath No Fury

HELLO, MY GOOD MAN, AND WHAT ARE YOU IMBIBING THIS EVENING? Well, good sir, I am enjoying a beer I have never had the privilege of drinking prior to this very moment: Hell Hath No Fury from Bell’s Brewing out of Comstock, MI.

YOU’VE LITERALLY NEVER HAD IT PRIOR TO THIS VERY MOMENT? Well, no. That moment was several moments ago. So no, not literally.

OH. WHAT’S THE BEER LIKE? It’s classified as a Belgian strong dark ale. The color is a deep, rich brown–think dark-roast coffee–and the flavor has an almost cherry/caramel sweetness accompanied with a nice dark chocolate bitterness to even things out.

SO YOU LIKE IT? Indeed. Very much. Bell’s can generally be counted upon to produce beer that has mass appeal, while also pleasing the craft beer dorks of the world (such as myself). HHNF is a good example of this: it’s a solid beer with some gravity to it, but the complexity is not such that it will scare off moderately adventurous beer drinkers.

SO YOUR DAD WOULD DIG IT? I do believe so, yes.

ABV? 7.7%, y’all.

AVAILABILITY? It’s an annual mid-fall seasonal release. I got my six-pack from Cork and Bottle on E. Johnson St. in Madison for $14.99. And the best part about C&B is: you can bring your dog with you! And they can accompany you inside! C&B’s totally cool with dogs!

WITH DOGS?! Yes, with dogs!

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