Instant Beer Review: Ale Asylum Bamboozleator

Well my coastal trip up the spine of California has come to an end and I’m back in the swampland of south central Wisconsin. Fuck it’s humid! The notion that the midwest is a “moderate” climate has got to be one of the biggest swindles played on unsuspecting vacationers and transplants since railroad marketeers sold barren tracks of land in the western frontier to immigrant farmers. I’m either freezing my jewels or sweating beer.

So, crab-ass, back to your old self?

Why yes. Although it has been a good day. Overserved recorded its third podcast at Yahara Distillers with the entertaining and insightful Nick Quint. A few hours of charismatic Quint stories and his quick-draw shot pouring abilities has left me in fine spirits.

The man was pulling bottles from all corners of his distillery. Challenging us to wrap our warped brains around constant new aromas and flavors. It kept building until finally he revealed an unmarked bottle that Nick claimed he would probably never again create due to its difficulty. There were over 20 ingredients. And when we tasted it…well, do you remember that scene in Beerfest when the brothers brew the long-lost Schnitzengiggle beer recipe for the first time? That look of ecstasy upon sipping it? That was the OverServed crew. We tried to stretch our vocabulary to express the complexity, but words came out as garbled vowels. Doug may have even cried a little.

Um, you know the title of this review is for Ale Asylum.

And a fine title it is. To celebrate our latest podcast accomplishment, we headed to Ale Asylum for a potential group instant beer review. I decided on the Bamboozleator doppelbock (7.8% ABV).

And the other reviewers, what did they choose?

Damnit man, I can barely keep track of my middle name, much less what those booze-hounds put away.


Soooanyways, the doppel! Why doppel? Because it’s the only beer on that big colorful board behind the bar that I had not tried. I may be becoming a lazy mans beerticker.

As their site says:

This traditional Doppelbock is full-bodied and deceptively smooth, with notes of caramel and dark fruit. It has a sturdy malt presence and a rich, bready finish.

German doppelbocks are things of wonder. Rich in complex flavor and easy to drink. A great doppel will hide the alcohol like a brew-ninja until it’s too late and your brain is sliced in twain; which is why I usually only drink them on Fridays after a long week of corporate cubicle torture. It eases you into the weekend.

Bamboozleator comes close to meeting the German tradition. But it’s really not a match for those wonderfully anal retentive Germans. Pours a rich amber brown with an off-white head. A bit cloudy. Sweet malt, bready aroma. Certainly it is smooth and has caramel and fruity notes, lots of malt and a bready, dry finish but not to any memorable extent.¬† The complexity I expect in a traditional doppelbock just wasn’t there. The alcohol is definitely hidden, and that’s a plus. I just want more distinct flavors and maybe a little less malty sweetness.

I don’t consider it a bad beer. But compared to the other Asylum brews, it’s just average. I think I’ll stick with the Hopalicious or Ambergeddon.

 Anything else to report?

If my memory serves me correct our conversations included: Doug’s ancient eyes rejecting The Hobbit’s high-definition previews. There is such a thing as too much definition, apparently, and Doug has had enough. I believe he counters this ham-fisted overindulgence in technology with liberal doses of giant movie soda mixed with pocket booze. Blurs the edges nicely. Also, Peter had some choice words for director James Cameron and his disregard for the intelligence of his audience. He was rather animated in his denouncement of the man. It was a joy to witness, really.

There you have it, just another day on team OverServed.