Instant Beer Review: American S.O.B.


I was flush with patriotism after voting on this Election Day. “What’s the most American beer on tap?” I asked. “Well… There’s a beer called American S.O.B.” Sold!

THE BEER: American S.O.B. from Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

THE PLACE: The Old Fashioned, which is not unusual.

WHAT IS IT? An English bitter. “S.O.B.” stands for “ordinary style bitter,” apparently.

WHAT’S THAT MEAN? It’s a pale ale, but not the super-hoppy, kick-you-in-the-head kind of pale that many think of these days. Not an IPA. Oh no.

SO WHAT IS IT? Titletown describes it as a classic English bitter done with citrusy hops from the Pacific Northwest. So you’d think kind of a mild drinkable beer with a nice sharp hop flavor. But…

YOU DON’T SOUND ENTHUSED. No. I’m afraid that this beer just didn’t have much flavor at all. The color was nice (deep amber), but it didn’t have much taste whatsoever. And no hop flavor at all. None.

NOT A RINGING ENDORSEMENT, THEN. No. I followed it with a Blatz, which honestly seemed to have more flavor. I’m not kidding.

DERP THOUGHTS: I was optimistic and full of hope, and ultimately I walked away disappointed. That sums up the political process fairly well, I think. So I guess this beer was an appropriate choice. So it goes.