Instant Beer Review: Anicca



THE PLACE: Half Acre Brewery.

WHAT BRINGS YOU THERE? Brewery tour, bitches!

WHY THE PROFANITY? Sorry. It’s just that they only let in a certain number of people, and I had to wait in line outside for a good chunk of time. So I’m just unreasonably proud of myself. Don’t mind me.

SO WHAT IS IT? “Single hopped snake juice focusing on the Mosaic hop, this Three Floyds collaboration is an IPA lovers dream.” So sayeth the menu.

MERCY. Yes. And it’s 7.3% ABV. So that’s fun.

HOW IS IT? It’s actually less citrusy than I’d like. It’s drinkable, but the crazy hop flavor is more bitter and sharp than I generally prefer. It’s a bit rough on the tongue. That said, I seem to like it more the longer I drink it. I’m on number three, actually.

THREE? AT 7.3%? Uh, yeah. Don’t worry. I’m not doing anything.

DEEP THOUGHTS: The Half Acre tour is worth taking. It’s a small space with cool people saying wise things. I’m not hip enough to be here, truth be told. I’m just going to hide here in the corner and pretend that I’m ten years younger. Excuse me.