Instant Beer Review: Bad Beat Brewing’s Ace in the Hole


GUEST POST! From the OverServed Increasingly Regretful Vacation Desk

HELLO AGAIN. Hello to you, too.

AND WHAT EXCITING LOCALE DO YOU FIND YOURSELF AT NOW? Well, I guess the hour at the Hoover Dam yesterday was too much excitement for our hosts to go out for dinner or anything of that nature, so I’m drinking “at home.”

THAT DOESN’T APPEAR TO BE A COORS LIGHT. A fortunate stumble upon a decent bottle shop means that I’ve got an Ace in the Hole from Bad Beat Brewing in Henderson, Nevada.

AND WHAT, PRECISELY, IS THAT? The bottle informs me that it’s a pale ale made with basil which some people consider to be the Queen of the Herbs. From further research on the Internets, I have gleaned that the malt bill includes some rye in an attempt to integrate the basil with the hop profile.

QUEEN OF THE HERBS? You heard me.

SO HOW IS IT? It’s… interesting? I’m not getting any basil in the nose, maybe some lemon and a generic herbal quality? The initial taste offers some spice from the rye and there’s more of that herbal thing going on which is okay. As it warms up though, that herb thing is becoming very vegetal. And not that good.

THAT DOESN’T SOUND GOOD AT ALL. No, I think I’m going to dump this out now.

LIVE AND LEARN, I SUPPOSE. Hey, I figured from the quality of the graphics on the label, it would be a gamble anyway. At least I picked up a Firestone Walker Opal as insurance (it is fantastic, but we all know about my love of anything remotely Wallonian).

DEEP THOUGHTS: If you’re ever stuck in Henderson, try to find Lee’s Discount Liquor. They’ve got what you need to make it through an evening at home with the in-laws.

DEEPER THOUGHTS: Also, Sunrise Coffee is seriously great for your coffee needs.

Thanks to Matt, who will be receiving a t-shirt that says “Queen of the Herbs” for his birthday.