Instant Beer Review: Black Husky Sparkly Eyes


THE BEER: Sparkly Eyes IIPA from Black Husky Brewing.

YOU’VE GOT AN EXTRA “I” IN THERE. I EXPECT BETTER FROM YOU. Not a typo! This is an Imperial India Pale Ale, thus the extra vowel.

WHAT’S THAT MEAN? It’s a big bastard, that’s what it means. This is a more powerful version of Black Husky’s Sproose, which happens to be pretty strong to begin with at 8.6% ABV.

WHICH MAKES THIS ONE…? A mind-smashing 10.9% ABV, according to their website.

HOLY CHRIST, MAN. I know. If you start with this beer, prepare for your night to dissolve into an alcoholic mist of bad decisions and inappropriate texts.

HOW’S IT TASTE? That’s really the most dangerous part… it’s so damn tasty and easy to drink that I can’t have just one. You would never know that it’s as strong as it is. The piney flavor of the spruce is there, but it’s not as assertive as the full-on Northwoods forest flavor of the Sproose (which I like very much, by the way).

DEEP THOUGHTS: It is impossible to generate any thoughts, much less deep ones when drinking this beer. It’s good. Drink it and accept the inevitable bad choices. It’ll make the next morning’s drunk detective session vastly amusing, if nothing else.