Instant Beer Review: Breakwater Brewing’s Bandidos Yanquis


STILL ENJOYING SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA? Why yes. At the moment I find myself at Breakwater Brewing Company.

WHERE’S THAT? Still in Oceanside. To be specific, I’m at the corner of Coast Highway and Seagaze Drive, which is not quite as disturbingly picturesque as it sounds. There’s a used car lot, a payday loan joint, a convenience store, and this brewpub. Also a poor bastard holding a sign for a barber shop a half block away. He looks less than thrilled.


WHAT BEER DO YOU HOLD IN YOUR GRUBBY PAWS? This is the Bandidos Yanquis. It’s a Mexican-style lager brewed with key lime zest. You know how much I love my citrus.

NO SCURVY FOR YOU. Damn right.

HOW LIME-Y IS IT? It’s actually not all that citrusy, to be honest. Just a hint, which seems right given how light this beer is. It’s rather like drinking a Corona that someone has pre-limed.

IS THAT A GOOD THING? Yes, in this case it is. It’s very refreshing. I’d say it would make for a good beach beer, were I on a beach right now. Which I am not.

IS IT POWERFUL? Not really… it comes in a 5.5% ABV, which is really for the best given how much boozing I’ve been doing on this trip.

DEEP THOUGHTS: I went with a pretty safe choice here. They’ve got a pretty wide-ranging selection of brews here, from double IPAs to sours to meads. I just needed a maintenance beer at the moment, and this worked out well.