Instant Beer Review: Buffalo Bayou Brewing Great White Buffalo


From the OverServed Vacation Desk:

YOU’RE NOT STILL WANDERING AIMLESSLY ABOUT, ARE YOU? I have found my way to Buffalo Bayou Brewing.

WHERE’S THAT? In Houston.


REALLY? WHY? I still don’t know why.

AND WHAT ARE YOU SAMPLING TODAY? I am enjoying their Great White Buffalo.

THE NOMENCLATURE SUGGESTS A WITBIER. It is indeed a wit. Remember, I’m Belgian.

WALLOONS ALL THE WAY. IS IT A TASTY BEVERAGE? I would drink it again and again. It’s better than Cats. The orange peel practically explodes¬†from the glass. Then the coriander and wheat sneak in at the end to clean up your palate.

SOUNDS RATHER VIOLENT. WILL IT SMACK YOU AROUND? It weighs in at 5.8%, which I think is a bit high for the style, but I’m just a man who would prefer to drink wits all day without regret.

DEEP THOUGHTS: As they say, everything is weirder in Texas. Or is it bigger? Either way, if you find yourself in the mood to have a good beer in a parking lot between an office building and an apartment complex, I would highly recommend Buffalo Bayou.

DEEPER THOUGHTS: As an addendum, they are only open from noon to 3. Get yer drink on early, y’all.

[Thanks to Matt, whose affection for the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber truly know no bounds.]