Instant Beer Review: Capital Fishin’ In The Dark


THE BEER: Fishin’ In The Dark from Capital Brewery.

THE PLACE: The Malt House, where the beer is getting a special sneak-preview release.

WHAT IS IT? An Imperial schwarzbier.

A WHAT NOW? Schwarzbier is just German for black beer, and Imperial means that it’s going to have a stronger boozy hit.

WHAT LUNATIC DEVISED THIS? Why, none other than our good friend Ashley, with whom we chatted as she prepared to embark on her brewing career lo these many years ago.

HOW’S SHE DOIN’? She appears to be doing just fine. This beer is the first that she’s designed at Capital. It’s a limited seasonal that will make its way into four-packs.

DOES SHE LIKE IT? “It’s maybe just a little sweeter than I was expecting, but it’s got a nice, smooth, easy-to-drink finish. It’s 7.5% ABV, and that smooth finish will not tell you that. So it may be a little dangerous.”

DO YOU CONCUR? Oh yes. For such a dark beer, you may anticipate a strong, roasty flavor, but it’s very drinkable, even mild. “I expected something chewy,” remarked a companion, “but this is really damn smooth.”

DEEP THOUGHTS: This is a solid dark lager that doesn’t at all taste like it’s knocking your brain around at 7.5%. It may well prove far too easy to consume multiple glasses in one sitting. I guess we’ll find out, now won’t we?