Instant Beer Review: Capital Lake House

IMG_1979.JPGSHALL WE TALK ABOUT SOME BEER? That’s a good idea. Let us discuss some beer.

ANY BEER IN PARTICULAR THAT’S WORTH NOTING? Well, I happen to have a Lake House from Capital Brewing sitting right in front of me at the moment. How about we begin there.

THAT MAKES SENSE. Doesn’t it, though? First thing’s first, Lake House is a seasonal summertime release from Capital.

SO YOU CAN’T GET IT YEAR-ROUND. An astute observation.

WHAT STYLE OF BEER IS IT? It’s a pale lager, best enjoyed ice cold. I was put off by it upon taking my first sip, but the odd flavor profile has grown on me as I get deeper into my glass. Initially, I’m reminded of honey and Wonder Bread, but the finish is reminiscent of lemon zest and…more Wonder Bread? However, the beer is surprisingly crisp and refreshing.

SO YOU WOULD GIVE IT A THUMBS UP? I would. Capital has made a nice straightforward summer lager, without overthinking their recipe. Although, I’m pretty damn certain I wouldn’t want to drink this beer if it was even approaching luke warm. Although, the same can be said for most lagers, I suppose.

WHERE CAN THIS BEER BE OBTAINED? A number of establishments, I’d imagine, but I’m currently seated upon a red round bar stool at Mickey’s on Willy St. in Madison. There’s a soccer match on the telly.


WILL THIS BEVERAGE GET YOU TOTALLY RIPPED? Nope. Depending on where you look, it has an ABV of about 4.8.

SO IT’S SUPER SLAMMABLE? Super slammable. A great porch pounder that won’t leave you passed out in the dog’s crate too early in the evening.

THAT HAPPENED? It did once at a party I threw. Weird story. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t the idiot sleeping in my dog’s cage.

HOW ABOUT THAT. I’m occasionally capable of a good decision or two.

DEEP THOUGHTS ON WHAT YOU’RE DRINKING? Lake House provides further proof that Capital Brewing is turning itself around following the departure of former brewmaster Kirby Nelson to fully embrace some creative and tasty brewing practices, on par or exceeding other local breweries.