Instant Beer Review: Capital Lake House


THE BEER: Lake House from Capital Brewery.

THE PLACE: The semi-renovated Dexter’s Pub.

SEMI-RENOVATED? Yes indeed. Looks pretty cool so far. Back of the bar looks good, taps have been moved. New bar surface and carpet to come, I’m told.

SO WHAT’S THE BEER? It’s described as a “clean refreshing golden lager.” 4.6% ABV.

HOW IS IT? It’s fine. Really. I mean, it’s what people used to call a “lawnmower beer.” A PBR substitute, essentially. (Do they still call these things lawnmower beers?)

SO NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT. No, but it’s actually a pretty good beer for what it is. It’s clean and drinkable. As someone in the know told me, “it’s what you drink when you don’t really want a beer, but you know you’re going to drink regardless.”20130418-181938.jpg