Instant Beer Review: Deschutes Chainbreaker


THE BEER: Chainbreaker from Deschutes Brewery.

THE PLACE: Dexter’s Pub, my old neighborhood bar. Don’t worry, the bartenders still know me.

WHAT IS IT? A white IPA, brewed with wheat and pilsner malts and fermented with Belgian yeast. It’s the kind of beer to which some people might be tempted to add a chunk of citrus fruit. Don’t do that.

OH NO? No, most certainly not. A slice of orange may have its place in the occasional hefeweizen, but generally I find it to be Blue Moon-level gimmickry. This beer doesn’t need any citrus added. The Cascade and Citra hops do a perfectly fine job of that, thank you very much. It’s just fine as is. Don’t screw it up.

SO IT’S GOOD THEN. Yes, it certainly is. The first sip is sweet and citrusy, then it finishes with just the right cleansing bitter finish.


DEEP THOUGHTS? Oregon-based Deschutes is a recent arrival in Wisconsin, as noted by the Beer Baron not long ago. I’ve snagged some of their beer from secret sources in the past, and they do fine work. Hell, they’re the sixth-largest craft brewer in the US, so they must be doing something right. In the case of this particular beer, I think it makes for a fine, refreshing summer beer. It may even be better than the Old Milwaukee I had earlier. Maybe.