Instant Beer Review: Devil Over A Barrel


TODAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR DRINKING. I would venture to say that everyday is a good day for drinking. Right? But today being rainy and kinda gross does make it more conducive to sitting inside and putting some beer in your face.


WHAT IS IT? It’s an imperial oatmeal porter, brewed with coffee beans, and aged in a bourbon barrel.

HOLY BUCKETS. You said it. Heavy duty.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? It pours black as the darkest night, with a vanilla-looking head. Not a lot of lacing.

WELL, THAT’S HOW IT LOOKS, BUT HOW DOES IT TASTE? AND KEEP IN MIND NO ONE GIVES TWO POOPS ABOUT LACING. The beer is a smooth blend of malty and coffee goodness, predominantly, with a nice vanilla-oak finish that leaves off the boozy bite.

SO, IT LOOKS KINDA SCARY, BUT TURNS OUT IT’S EASY-DRINKING? Yeah. There’s a lot going on in this brew, but the plethora of flavors commingle like a group of well-behaved toddlers on a playground.

ABV? 8-ish%. Big enough of a beer that it’s been reduced to a 12 oz. portion size at Dexter’s.

THAT COULD ALSO BE DUE TO THE COST IF THE BEER? It could, indeed. It’s on tap for a reasonable $5.25/glass.

DEEP THOUGHTS? Tyranena Brewing’s ‘Brewers Gone Wild’ series continues to impress, and it’s no wonder that this beer is Tyranena’s highest rated on Get some in your face pronto, is what I’d advise.

ADVICE TAKEN. Well, at least someone’s listening.IMG_0134.JPG