Instant Beer Review | East Coast Edition: Custom House IPA


THE BEER: Custom House IPA from Beer Works.

THE PLACE: Beer Works brewpub in Salem, Massachusetts.

REALLY? Yes, really. It’s vacation season, and I’m stumbling through New England. And you know what? Everyone does talk exactly like the characters on Family Guy.

BEER WORKS, YOU SAY? Yeah, this joint seems to be one of a series from all over Massachusetts. There’s this one in Salem, one near Fenway, one in Lowell… you get the idea.

HOW IS IT? Pretty damned decent. It’s crisp and drinkable, with a really nice bitter aroma. None of that skunkiness that occasionally haunts IPAs.


DEEP THOUGHTS: Salem makes it far too easy to embrace the tourist within, though the witch-themed nonsense gets to be a bit much after a while. This beer proved to be a splendid antidote to the tsotchkes that inhabit every corner of the place. Thank you, Beer Works.