Instant Beer Review: Expat Rye Saison

From the Road Trippin’ Desk:


HEY THERE. Well, hello again.

AND WHERE ARE YOU NOW? Fulton Brewing.

STILL IN MINNESOTA, EH? Yes, I’m still in Minneapolis.

HOW’D YOU FIND THIS JOINT? Well, the wife and I had tickets to today’s Twins baseball match, but the rain delay forced us to seek refuge in this lovely brewery across the street from Target Field.

WAIT, THE TWINS? THAT’S NOT LIKE YOU. I know. I am not a baseball fan, but I do like stadiums. I’m American after all.

WHAT’S THE BEER? I’m drinking The Expat. It’s a rye saison.

HOW IS IT? I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more Belgian (styles of beer).

SERIOUSLY THOUGH: It’s great, actually. The dry spice from the rye works really well with the esters from the yeast. If I had some tacos right now, I’d be heaven.

ESTERS? I did say esters. Look it up. Internets! [Editor’s note: An ester is a “volatile flavor compound naturally created in fermentation. Often fruity, flowery or spicy.” Thank you, Beer Advocate.]

DEEP THOUGHTS: Even before the rain, I wanted to check this place out. They’ve apparently outgrown their current facility so they are building a new production brewery and are planning on keeping this place as a tasting room/test batch place. There’s a zombie-themed food truck outside, I could play Chutes and Ladders if I wanted, and they don’t charge you for the full sampler experience. Huzzah! (If only their beer came with a cup of that chimichurri, this would be a slam dunk.)


(Thanks yet again to Matt, who tends to go overboard on the chimichurri.)