Instant Beer Review: Frangelic Mountain Brown


THE BEER: Founder’s Frangelic Mountain Brown

THE PLACE: Dexter’s Pub

WHAT IS IT? An “American Strong Ale.” Part of a series of brown ales brewed by Founder’s since 2007.

BE MORE SPECIFIC: It’s a brown brewed with hazelnut coffee. So it’s rather sweet with kind of a nutty, almost chocolatey thing going in.

HOW’S IT GOING WITH THE FOOTBALL GAME YOU’RE WATCHING? Quite well, though that may have something to do with the entertainment I’m deriving from the sad Bears fan sitting next to me.

CRUEL. I am.

SO HOW IS IT? Do you like coffee? You better. And if you do, the aroma is fantastic. The beer itself is sweeter than I’d prefer, but the basic flavor is solid. One is probably going to be enough, but at 9% ABV I think that’s okay.

DEEP THOUGHTS: This is just… really, really sweet. And I think it’s getting sweeter the longer I sit with it. It’s almost like a box of candy in beer form. All in all, it’s a bit much. But I’ll fight my way through it. Trust me.