Instant Beer Review: Galveston Island Brewing Ejection Seat IIPA


From the OverServed Vacation Desk:

WHERE ARE YOU? Galveston Island Brewing in Galveston, Texas.

GALVESTON? TEXAS? THE HELL? I’m still trying to figure that out myself. I guess I was drawn to the sea.

FAIR ENOUGH. WHAT ARE YOU CONSUMING? Well, I’ve got a full-sampler pack here. I find the Hefe N-A to be really pleasant, but of the nine baby food jars full of beer, the Ejection Seat IIPA is the standout.


YOU’RE A FAN, THEN. Oh, boy howdy, I could drink it all day, but then I would never make it back to Houston. According to the board, it comes in at 8.3%, so it will mess you up.

AND HOW IS IT? It presents as a citrusy, resinous hop bomb, but it has just enough malt to not completely crush your palate.

CAN YOU BE MORE SPECIFIC? According to Jason, the head brewer, it is mostly two-row malt with a little Victory malt for some biscuity notes to balance the hops. It features El Dorado, Simcoe, Columbus, and Amarillo hops.

SO WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THIS JOINT?¬†They’ve only been open since June 2014, and Jason came onboard in August, but they do some solid work.

DEEP THOUGHTS: There’s a friendly dog out front to greet you, some classic rock on the stereo, and stadium seating outside. You could do worse if you find yourself in Galveston.


[Thanks to Matt, who is a huge Glen Campbell fan.]