Instant Beer Review: Gorch Fock

20140802-154350-56630209.jpgHI. Hi. Everything okay?

YEAH, JUST HAVEN’T HEARD FROM YOU IN A WHILE, THAT’S ALL. I didn’t forget about you, Voice Inside My Head, I’ve just been busy over the past two weeks pursuing other various writing and artistic endeavors. But now I’m back, baby.

I SEE WHERE I RATE. Oh, come on. Don’t do me like that.

WHERE ARE YOU DRINKING TODAY? At Alchemy Café, of course.

YOU GO THERE A LOT. It’s in my top three favorites for Madison beer bars. And I’ve gotten friendly with the staff. They treat me good.

THAT’S GOOD. Are you sure we’re good?

SURE. Okay…. Well, today I’m enjoying a Gorch Fock, made by Three Floyd’s out of Munster, IN. The brewery’s website has this to say:

A light-golden-colored Franconian-style Helles Lager. With a slightly sweet malt body, a noble hop profile and a crisp finish, this beer is as traditional as we’ll ever get.

AND DO YOU AGREE WITH THE WEBSITE’S SENTIMENTS? Sure do. It’s a refreshing summer lager with a bite. A good beer for sweating on your John Deere, with more going on than your typical straightforward boring American lager. I like it because it’s got a nice, mild hoppy profile that’ll keep your taste buds interested and on their metaphorical toes, but doesn’t muddy up the clean finish.

DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE NAME COMES FROM? Not off the top of my head, but the internet is here to help. Click here or here for an egg of German historical knowledge.

ABV? BIG? Don’t worry, you could crush through a bunch of these babies before the blackout descends. This one’s clocking in at a sobriety-accommodating 5.2%.

PRICE TAG? A modest $4.50 (American currency) for a 16 oz. glass.

IT’LL BE THERE FOR A WHILE? On tap? Difficult to say. The tap lines at this place rotate constantly. Hustle up, would be my advice. Drink now, think later?

DEEP THOUGHTS? There is a Jack Sparrow lookalike at this bar, as well as a woman who vaguely resembles Jane Fonda. I fear for my life, kinda. As far as the beer’s concerned, I’d be proud to bring a six pack to a summer gathering hosted by all of my beer snob friends.