Instant Beer Review: Great Lakes’ Christmas Ale

WHERE ARE YOU?! I’m trying out one of State Street’s newest offerings, Buck & Badger Northwoods Lodge.

HOW LONG HAS THAT BEEN AROUND? A couple of weeks? I dunno. It’s the latest in a long line of The Old Fashioned copycats.

HOW IS IT? Um. Northwoodsy? The Southie-sounding bartender is calling me ‘sir’ more than I would normally care for, but the atmosphere is nice and rustic.

WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING? Great Lakes Christmas Ale.

PRICE TAG? $5.50 for a sixteen-ounce mug.

WHAT IS IT? It’s a caramel-colored, spiced winter ale.


AND YOUR REVIEW? It’s a pretty decent winter brew, but I’m not, like, blown away or anything. The flavor is a spiced cinnamon mixed with assorted fruit, and the beer finishes malty and kinda dry, almost sorta like an apple cider.


WOULD YOU DRINK IT AGAIN? Yup, but I wouldn’t go pushing over any grandmas to get to it.

HOW WAS YOUR MEAL? Dude, I had the meatball sandwich, and it was pretty killer.

WELL, ALRIGHT THEN. You said it, bro.