Instant Beer Review: Green 19 IPA


THE BEER: Titletown Brewing’s Green 19 IPA.

THE PLACE: The aforementioned brewpub in Green Fucking Bay.

YOU DON’T SOUND HAPPY. I’m not. I spent 18 years in the Bay, and if I had my druthers I wouldn’t spend one moment more. However, I have certain responsibilities that require my presence here from time to time, so here I am. Cranky and thirsty.

WAH. An appropriate response. This city doesn’t deserve this much loathing. And even if it did, Titletown is an undeniable bright spot. It’s a fine, fine brewpub.

GET BACK TO THE BEER. Right. It’s an IPA, obviously. And it’s been around for a while. This beer used to be known as “Hopasaurus Rex,” before some trademarking nonsense forced the name change to a phrase that Aaron Rodgers barks out on Sundays.

HOW IS IT? Very hoppy, highlighting the citrusy and piney aspects of the hops involved. It may not knock your socks on your ass, but it’s a satisfying and solid IPA.

DEEP THOUGHTS: Green Bay is not without its charms. There’s Titletown, of course. There’s Hinterland. There’s… places you can get chili… and… ah the hell with it. I don’t want to be here. Sorry, Green Bay. At least there’s beer to provide some small amount of comfort.