Instant Beer Review: Handlebar DIPA


WHERE ARE YOU? I am on a working vacation in San Diego, California.

YOU’RE KIDDING. I’m not. Though I don’t intend to work very hard.

FAIR ENOUGH. WHAT’S YOUR EXACT LOCATION? Blind Lady Ale House, recommended by my hosts. It’s pretty cool. There’s a massive Hamm’s sign, if that’s your thing. And it does happen to be mine.


AND WHAT BEER DO YOU HAVE BEFORE YOU? This is a Handlebar DIPA from Automatic Brewing Co., which is described as “a 10bbl brewery located in the back of Blind Lady Ale House headed by master brewer Lee Chase.”

DIPA? As in Double IPA, aka Imperial IPA or IIPA. Somebody ought to simplify beer nomenclature one of these days.

HOW IS IT? It’s quite tasty. Solid hop flavor without being overwhelmingly bitter. There are fruity and piney flavors nicely balanced with sweet malt character. I vote in favor of it. Four out of five, would drink again.

DEEP THOUGHTS: I’ve been traveling all day. There’s been a few pre-flight gin & sodas, a layover Surly Furious, a mid-flight gin & tonic followed by a glass of wine, and now this beer. I think my palette is still pretty fresh, though. I am, after all, a professional.