Instant Beer Review: He’Brew R.I.P.A.


THE BEER: He’Brew R.I.P.A.

WHERE? Dexter’s Pub

WHAT IS IT? A double IPA made with rye malt.

HOW IS IT? Strong! Flavor-wise, that is. Must be the rye, eh? It’s got a good hop bitterness, but the malt body gives it a sweet, powerful kick.

HOW MUCH? $4 for a 5 oz pour, $7.50 for a 10 oz pour.

WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET? Obviously value would indicate the 10 oz pour, but this is a 10% beer. I went for the 5 oz pour. Of course, I’d been drinking.

I AM SHOCKED. I know, right?

DEEP THOUGHTS: This drink has a kick, ain’t nothin’ about it. It’s a sipper. Or maybe I should have started with it. Whatever. It’s a strong, hop-heavy beer, and should be treated with respect.