Instant Beer Review: Hello, My Name Is Joe


THE BEER: Hello, My Name Is Joe from 3 Sheeps Brewing.

THE PLACE: The Old Fashioned Tavern & Restaurant, which is not at all unusual.

FALL DOWN THERE LATELY? Not since last week. Shut up.

WHAT IS IT? An Imperial black wheat infused with coffee, they say.

WHICH MEANS? “Imperial” means it’s high in booze. “Black wheat” means it’s brewed with wheat plus darker barley malts. And “infused with coffee” means… well, infused with coffee. In this case, 20 pounds of Colectivo Coffee’s Sumatra blend.

THAT’S A LOT OF COFFEE. It is, and it crashes through. Strong coffee aroma and lots of coffee flavor. Roasty and just a bit sweet, and quite smooth. This really should be consumed from a coffee mug.

BUT HIGH IN BOOZE? Yep. 8% ABV, according to 3 Sheeps. With all the coffee flavor, I’d call this dangerously drinkable.

BE CAREFUL. So I’ve been told.

HOW IS IT? It’s great if you like coffee. Do you like coffee? Then you’ll like this. Don’t like coffee? Then why on earth would you be purchasing something described as “infused with coffee”? That’s just crazy. Stop being crazy.

DEEP THOUGHTS: I enjoy coffee the way heroin addicts enjoy smack, so this is right up my alley. It’s really great. In fact, I may just have to start my day with this cleverly disguised in my coffee cup. I’d be a fool not to.