Instant Beer Review: Hofbrau Original


THE BEER: Hofbrau Original

THE PLACE: Beautiful Munich, Germany, of course.

REALLY? Well, no. I’m at home. See, the liquor store near my house had Hofbrau on sale so…

OKAY, LIAR. WHAT IS IT? It’s a pale German lager, like a Helles. It has a strong malty aroma and a bitter (but not hoppy) taste. It comes in at 5.10% ABV, or so the interwebs tell me.

HOW IS IT? It’s a drinkable, full-bodied lager. The strong German cousin of the weak American pilsners. It has that nice, bready aroma and flavor that takes me back to the Hofbrauhaus.

SO YOU HAVE BEEN TO MUNICH? Ah, no. The Hofbrauhaus in Vegas, actually. Which I’m told is a reasonable similacrum, so I’m just going to go ahead and consider this an authentic German experience.

DEEP THOUGHTS: Sometimes you just want a good “beer” beer. Not a light tasteless can o’ Blatz, not a hoppy ale, not a kick-you-in-the-head craft brew, but the kind of efficient German-style beverage that made Wisconsin tick way back when. This is that beer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to whip up some sauerkraut.